Gender equality: Picture it!

(Olga Schikunov, Germany)

How can people talk about gender equality and women’s rights without using words? Try comics and cartoons.

That’s what Europeans aged 18–28 did when they submitted drawings for a U.N.-sponsored contest called “Gender Equality: Picture It!

A jury of professional comic artists, gender equality experts and communications experts selected the winners. Finalists received cash prizes; the finalists’ and semifinalists’ drawings will be published in a booklet and may be considered for exhibition.

The competition helps mark the 20th anniversary of the U.N.’s Beijing Platform for Action, which in 1995 set an agenda for women’s empowerment in 12 critical areas, including education and human rights.

See how some of these young people discussed gender equality and women’s rights without words: Can you guess which of the cartoons took the top prizes?

Laurence Herfs, The Netherlands

(Laurence Herfs)

Emilio Morales Ruiz, Spain

(Emilio Moralez Ruiz)

Aleksi Siirtola, Finland

(Aleksi Siirtola)

David Ibáñez Bordallo, Spain

(David Ibanez Bordallo)