At some point, all aspiring business owners need advice. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg learned team building from Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs. Bill Gates, co-founder and former chief executive of Microsoft Corporation, credits Warren Buffet, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and a very successful investor, for helping him think long-term.

Good advice often comes from someone who has done what you are trying to do.

Evan Burfield talks to a group of entrepreneurs. (Courtesy of 1776)

You can get the business insights you need by watching the State Department’s webchat with Ask the Entrepreneur: Evan Burfield.

Burfield is co-founder of 1776, an incubator that supports startups in the fields of education, health and transportation. His team regularly consults with scores of aspiring entrepreneurs as they bring ideas to market.

Launched in 2013, 1776 today works with 260 companies. One example is Local Roots Farms, which builds hydroponic greenhouses inside unused shipping containers to grow fruits and vegetables in urban areas.

Check out more of Burfield’s tips on launching your own startup venture  including,  creating the perfect pitch, raising capital and growing your business.