Daesh terrorists face an ongoing shrinkage problem that they can’t solve … and it’s getting worse.

That’s because every day they have fewer tanks, armored vehicles and hideouts with which to terrorize people.

As part of efforts to degrade and destroy Daesh, daily airstrikes by the global anti-Daesh coalition, through Operation Inherent Resolve, continue to wither the terror group’s military arsenal in Iraq and Syria.

The latest statistics from the Department of Defense highlight Daesh materiel and logistics losses:

Graphic showing Daesh targets destroyed and damanged (Department of Defense)

The global anti-Daesh coalition of over 60 countries — including five Arab countries — continues to harm Daesh with airstrikes, coordinated logistical support and messaging. The terror group regularly kills civilians, vandalizes and plunders cultural heritage and even denies food to the hungry.

Arab countries conducting airstrikes against Daesh include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.