Global Coalition meets to defeat ISIS

Graphic reading 'The Global Coalition is winning. Here's how.' (State Dept.)

Foreign ministers and senior officials from 68 nations and international organizations gather in Washington on March 22 to discuss the coalition’s efforts to defeat ISIS.

The meeting comes at a key moment to set ISIS on a lasting and irreversible path to defeat. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will open the meeting, the first one of the full 68-member Global Coalition since December 2014.

Coalition members are united in a common goal: to defeat ISIS with a robust approach. The coalition’s combined efforts have diminished ISIS’ territory, leadership, financial resources and online influence.

• ISIS has lost more than 60 percent of the territory it had once dominated in Iraq and about 30 percent of the territory it held in Syria.

• The numbers of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria are at the lowest levels since the peak in 2014.

• Key ISIS leaders have been killed — including nearly all deputies of the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and top ISIS officials in charge of information, finance, and the oil and gas sectors.

• Coalition forces have destroyed more than 1,200 ISIS oil tankers and critical energy nodes. ISIS’ ability to generate revenue has been cut by at least one-third.

• The fight against ISIS reaches beyond the battlefield. Tech companies are suspending ISIS’ social media accounts, and coalition partners are countering its narrative online. These efforts are limiting ISIS’ ability to inspire would-be recruits.

Graphic showing territory lost by ISIS (State Dept.)Graphic showing fighters lost by ISIS (State Dept.)Graphic showing leaders lost by ISIS (State Dept.)Graphic showing revenue lost by ISIS (State Dept.)Graphic showing influence/voice lost by ISIS (State Dept.)