Ready to make a difference? Here’s your chance. #startthespark [video]

This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. Starting and building a company from the ground up takes work.

Having a network of like-minded people, mentors, government officials and established entrepreneurs helps.

Earlier this year President Obama hosted a Spark Global Entrepreneurship event at the White House with the budding entrepreneurs featured in this video. “Together, we can help make sure that anyone who’s got the creativity and drive to work hard, no matter where they’re from, what they look like, what their background is, they get a fair shot at pursuing their dreams,” he said.

Spark programs build relationships among budding and established entrepreneurs across the world in both developed and emerging economies, and their special focus is on young entrepreneurs and women.

“There are brilliant young people and hardworking women and innovative thinkers from communities all around the world — people just like you, ready to make a difference. But they haven’t been given the chance yet,” President Obama said.

Women and youth — both underrepresented in the business world — need to step up to change the culture of business. Much of this change will involve building relationships in a business network, which is where Spark programs can help.

At you can start the conversation by tweeting, signing up for the newsletter, volunteering as a mentor, or learning about which programs you can participate in.

Also make sure to follow the sixth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit, a gathering of entrepreneurs, business leaders, mentors and government officials. The 2015 summit is hosted by Kenya and will occur July 25–26.