While the former Maduro regime lies to the public about Venezuela’s confirmed coronavirus cases and its hospitals’ preparedness, interim President Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly are taking a transparent and truthful leadership role in the COVID-19 response.

“Information is a key element to face the pandemic,” Guaidó said on Twitter. “Venezuela is in our hands.”

Guaidó and the National Assembly released on April 9 a free and accessible online platform to help Venezuelans diagnose their symptoms and connect them with medical health professionals.

Anyone experiencing virus-like symptoms can send a message through WhatsApp, receive a link to a survey about their symptoms and be put in touch with a medical professional who will provide medical advice and suggest next steps.

On April 12, the National Assembly issued a new WhatsApp number, denouncing the Maduro regime’s attempts to hack the first one. But the National Assembly noted that, before closing, the first line had received more than 20,000 visits in just three days.

“The attack on this tool represents an attack on the Venezuelan people, who are entitled to know the truth,” the National Assembly said in a statement.

Guaidó and the National Assembly will continue to work with international aid organizations to help Venezuelans receive supplies during the COVID-19 crisis. They are also releasing, in conjunction with a team of doctors, scientifically researched information about COVID-19 to keep the public updated.

“Venezuela is one of the most vulnerable countries to an outbreak of coronavirus because of the complex humanitarian emergency that we have denounced for years,” Guaidó said in a video on the National Assembly’s website. “That exposes us much more, and for that reason, we are going to take measures.”