Halal food trucks find hungry diners

(State Dept.)

It used to be that you could find food trucks only at construction sites, and the best you were likely to get was a shrink-wrapped, day-old sandwich and a bag of chips. But in recent years, American cities have seen an explosion in gourmet food trucks.

Mobile phones and social media have made it easy for chefs-on-the-go to get the word out about where they’ll be and when.

Halal food, prepared in accordance with Islamic law, has become a familiar offering at food trucks in cities across America. “We serve around a hundred people a day,” said Mohammad Pervaiz, who owns the Halal Grill truck (above), which sells lunch all over downtown Washington. “We have three trucks now,” Pervaiz said. “My two sons are working with me. I’m very happy.”

And to judge from the length of the Halal Grill’s lines, so are the customers.

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