Want to walk on the moon? Start by taking a restaurant job.

Waitress carrying three plates of food (© Shutterstock)
Some of the most successful people first had jobs in restaurants and fast food. (© Shutterstock)

Successful people make it look easy, but most had to work hard to get to the top of their fields, often starting out waiting tables, scooping ice cream or working construction jobs.

The recent Twitter hashtags #firstsevenjobs and #first7jobs prompted some of the world’s most famous (and a lot of not-so-famous) people to share how they got their starts in the world of work.

Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo astronaut who was one of the first people to walk on the moon, first washed dishes at an ice cream shop in New Jersey.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created the hip-hop Broadway musical on the life of Alexander Hamilton, started out making slushy frozen fruit drinks at his aunt’s store using a “Slushee” machine.

Stephen Colbert, the host of the TV show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on the CBS network, worked construction and cleared restaurant tables as a busboy.

Debra Sterling, who launched GoldieBlox, which creates toys to get girls interested in engineering and technology, worked first as a coffee-shop barista.

Mira Sorvino, the Academy Award–winning American actress, started out watching other people’s children as a babysitter and teaching English in China.