How do American Muslims serve the community? [video]

What do members of the Islamic Center of Southern California in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles do on Saturdays?

They help the hungry.

“We serve around 300 to 350 families, and they depend on the food bank every week,” says food pantry organizer Idriss Fassassi.

“The people that come here are primarily Korean, Hispanic,” he says. “We have whites and blacks, but the majority of individuals are non-Muslim.”

The video “What do American Muslims do?” explores the many ways American Muslims like Fassassi engage and enrich their communities.

They include Nadeem Mazen, a city council member in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who describes the importance of community service.

“There is a certain amount of work that we must do as a neighborhood, as a Muslim community,” he says. “It is incumbent on each of us to get going serving others.”