October 18: Allies against human trafficking [webchat]


In recent years, the private sector has joined government efforts to identify and combat human trafficking, or modern slavery. Growing awareness within the tourism, transportation, financial and technology sectors has allowed professionals in these industries to spot trafficking and to know what to do when they see it.

Private-sector engagement is a powerful tool to combat human trafficking, and that’s why more governments are working with business leaders to combat this criminal behavior.

Join us on October 18 at 10 a.m. EDT (14:00 UTC) for a webchat in which experts will discuss this collaboration — among representatives from the private sector, government officials, law enforcement officers and members of nongovernmental organizations — to fight human trafficking and detect and assist victims. The program will take place on this page. There will be separate streams featuring French and Spanish interpretation.

The Panel

Portrait of Christina Bain (Courtesy of Christina Bain)

Christina Bain is the director of Babson College’s Initiative on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. She focuses on the role of business and entrepreneurship in the fight against trafficking. In addition, she develops coursework and initiatives to train the next generation of business leaders in anti-trafficking strategies. Bain is the former and founding director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.

Portrait of Kylla Lanier (Courtesy of Kylla Lanier)

Kylla Lanier is the deputy director at Truckers Against Trafficking, a group that seeks to educate, equip, empower and mobilize the trucking industry to combat human trafficking as part of their regular jobs. She helps build coalitions among members of the trucking industry, law enforcement and local anti-trafficking groups. Under her leadership, Truckers Against Trafficking received the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Trafficking Award for pioneering one of the top practices used around the world.

Portrait of Minal Patel Davis (Courtesy of Minal Patel Davis)

Minal Patel Davis, the special adviser to Houston’s mayor on human trafficking, shapes long-term, systematic collaboration with Houston stakeholders to prevent human trafficking in Houston.  As a result of her efforts, the city of Houston is now one of the first cities in the United States to adopt a comprehensive, citywide approach to preventing trafficking. Houston partners with the travel and transportation industries to boost victim identification and holds public events to work to lower the demand.

Vivian Huelgo at podium (Courtesy of Vivian Huelgo)

Vivian Huelgo (Moderator) is chief counsel to the Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence of the American Bar Association. She leads the development and implementation of nationwide initiatives to assist lawyers representing victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. Huelgo is the co-author of The Voice of Justice: Interpreting Domestic Violence Cases. Previously, she served as the director of the Community Law Project of Sanctuary for Families’ Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services.