Humanitarian causes unite people of all faiths

Interfaith efforts to help people in need unite Americans of many different backgrounds and faiths.

A new book, Faith + Freedom: Religion in the USA, illustrates how people of faith or with no religious affiliation join in helping others. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross welcome volunteers regardless of religious beliefs.

Faith + Freedom features many photographs illustrating America’s religious heritage. Here are a few of them.

Young people working with containers of food (© Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images)
Teenagers in Portland, Maine, pack groceries for people to take home after a Rotary Club–sponsored Thanksgiving dinner. (© Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images)

Young people collecting trash on beach (© Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG/Getty Images)
Students volunteer to collect rubbish with the Hands on Miami beach clean-up. Hands on Miami is a secular community-service organization. (© Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG/Getty Images)

Two people chopping food on counter (© Jim West/Alamy)
Jewish and Muslim volunteers prepare Christmas Day meals for the homeless at Congregation Beth Shalom in Oak Park, Michigan. (© Jim West/Alamy)

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Religious life in the United States is robust, diverse and free.  Faith + Freedom: Religion in the USA shows Americans of all religions worshiping and working together.
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