Iran’s outlaw behavior is a threat to the world [shareable graphics]

The victims of the Iranian regime’s destructive behavior include the people of Iran — who live in a country where religious minorities are persecuted and the economy is in decline — as well as people elsewhere, who suffer from the brutality and terrorism that Iran supports.

“The fact is that the Iranian regime robs its own people to pay for death and destruction abroad,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in September. “The fact is that the outlaw Iranian regime has sabotaged the ability of the people on every continent to live in peace and dignity, including its own country.”

Share these graphics on Iran’s outlaw behavior, and check back often for new ones:

Photo of woman in headscarf and text about Iran's repression of religious freedom (© Getty Images)

Photo of rocket launch and text about Iran's continued missile development after JCPOA Implementation Day (© AP Images)

Marked map of Middle East and text about Iran's support of Assad regime and extremist groups in other countries (State Dept)