Iraqi-American partnership halting and reversing Daesh gains

Vice President Biden speaks in Washington about America’s commitment to Iraq. (© AP Images)

The defeat of Daesh in Iraq is up to the Iraqi people, but they do not stand alone.

“The ultimate success or failure is in the hands of the Iraqis. But as they stand up and stand together, this administration, this country, is committed to stand with them,”  Vice President Biden said April 9.

Speaking at the National War College in Washington, Biden said President Obama has responded decisively to help Iraq fight Daesh. Since the fall of 2014, the United States has delivered over 100 million rounds of ammunition, 62,000 small arms systems and 1,700 Hellfire missiles — and that’s just part of the support.

“ISIL has been defeated at Mosul Dam, Mount Sinjar, and now Tikrit,” Biden said. “ISIL’s momentum in Iraq has halted, and in many places, has been flat-out reversed.”

A global anti-Daesh coalition of more than 60 countries works daily with Iraqis to degrade and ultimately defeat the terror group. Biden said Iraqis from all communities support the efforts of the U.S. and the coalition.

“Leaders from across the Iraqi political spectrum have publicly asked for our help and our continued help,” Biden said.

“We want what Iraqis want: a united, federal, and democratic Iraq that is defined by its own constitution where power is shared among all Iraqi communities,” Biden said, “where a sovereign government exercises command and control over the forces in the field.”