Is community college right for you?

A community college graduate receives a congratulatory kiss from her son on commencement day. (© AP Images)

Whether you want to save money on your college education or close knowledge gaps before applying to a four-year university, community colleges are a smart option.

The U.S. has nearly 1,200 community colleges, and almost half of American undergraduate students study at a community college. It’s easy to see why: Community colleges are significantly less expensive than four-year schools, they do not require entrance exams, and students can earn an associate’s degree in only two years. In addition, students can apply courses passed at a a community college toward a four-year bachelor’s degree.

In the United States, community colleges also appeal to secondary school students who want to master a vocational trade and adults who return to school to develop new skills.

The U.S. has exported the community college model to more than 30 countries, including India. At this year’s U.S. – India Higher Education Dialogue, both U.S. and Indian representatives spoke of their continued dedication to exchanges and to the development of community colleges in India.

Does your country have community college opportunities?