Illustration of masked man holding a plugged megaphone (State Dept./D. Thompson)
(State Dept./D. Thompson)

The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS has driven the terrorists out of nearly all the territory they once held in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is being vanquished not only on the ground but also online. Thanks to strong actions by the tech industry, the extremists are no longer free to spew their violent messages on social media.

Illustration of masked person typing on computer while sitting down cross-legged with text that reads 'Nowhere for ISIS to hide' (State Dept./D. Thompson)
(State Dept./D. Thompson)

The public can help shut down the ISIS propaganda machine, too. Find out how to report ISIS hate speech.

Illustration showing 3 birds with x's and one without with text that says isis is being silenced three quarters of terrorists' accounts taken down before posting a single tweet (State Dept./Leigh Rawls)
(State Dept./Leigh Rawls)

ISIS’ ability to raise the revenues that fueled its terror has been sharply curtailed.

Illustration showing an oil pipeline and a crane truck with text that says 'Coalition airstrikes have severed ISIS pipelines, ISIS can no longer rely on oil revenues' (State Dept./L. Rawls)
(State Dept./L. Rawls)

Many foreign fighters are being apprehended as they attempt to slip back into their own countries. Tens of thousands of names are on Interpol watch lists, and partners around the world are tracking their movements.

Illustration showing a person's hands from behind in handcuffs and text that says '70 countries have arrested terrorist fighters and blocked pathways to join ISIS' (State Dept./D. Thompson)
(State Dept./D. Thompson)