Want to help end poverty? There’s an app for that.

Indian girls using mobile phones (AP Images)
Two girls pass time by looking at their mobile phones. (AP Images)

How can I best help the poor? Could I survive as a refugee? The British website Training Zone picked five mobile learning apps that help you answer these questions and teach you more about people in difficult circumstances.

  • My Life as a Refugee — You choose to be Amika, Paulo or Merita, refugee children facing the loss of their homes and families and forced to make quick decisions in response to danger.
  •  One Today — If you could afford $1 a day to help alleviate poverty, where would you send it? This app introduces you to a new cause or charity each day.
  • Instead — Already know where you want to donate your money, but wish you could give more? This app shows you simple steps that could help you save enough to make a bigger difference.
  • Save the Children Earthquake Response — Ever wonder what it would be like to be the first to respond to a disaster? Learn to identify the most pressing needs and to allocate scarce resources (water, shelter or medicine) with this app.
  • DataFinder Apps — Maybe, instead of role-playing, you want to know the hard facts about poverty, health or other global challenges. These World Bank apps give you the data and come in handy for schoolwork or reports.