If you’re like most people starting a business, your biggest fear is failing. Why wouldn’t it be? More than a third of new businesses fail within two years.

But failure doesn’t have to mean the end of your career as an entrepreneur, says Dante Disparte, chief executive of the capital management firm Risk Cooperative: “Great entrepreneurs have embraced failure not as a sign of defeat, but as a sign of progress.”

Talk to any of those entrepreneurs and they’ll tell you that failure sharpened their instincts and judgment. And that, according to Disparte, “is increasingly attractive to investors.”

So how should you cope when failure strikes? Ask Disparte and founder of Face Africa Saran Kaba Jones. On November 10, they’ll answer your questions about turning the bumps and bruises of experience into a valuable business asset.

Join the interactive webchat on November 10 at 8:00 EST/13:00 UTC. You can tweet your questions in advance using the hashtag #entrepAfrica.

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