Maduro suppresses Venezuela’s military with Cuba’s help

Two women presenting in an assembly hall, one holding a small poster (© Rafael Briceño Sierralta/NurPhoto/Getty Images)
Relatives of detained military officers at National Assembly headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, in July (© Rafael Briceño Sierralta/NurPhoto/Getty Images)

Nicolás Maduro’s abuses and crimes against the people of Venezuela continue to come to light.

Recently, Reuters reported on Maduro’s repression of his own military. The methods Maduro has used to control and infiltrate the country’s armed forces, according to the story, had their origins in two agreements with Cuba that allowed for surveillance of Venezuelan troops through the former regime’s Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence, or DGCIM.

Last year, the Organization of American States reported that a force of 46,000 Cubans was instructing the former regime in torture and repression.

As his popular support has shriveled, Maduro and his regime have relied on Cuban techniques to imprison and torture hundreds of military officers and deter defection to the political opposition, according to Reuters.

The U.S. has worked to denounce links between Maduro and the Cuban leadership as part of a strategy, with international partners, to isolate the former Maduro regime economically and politically.