Make up your own mind. These mobile news apps can help.

Close-up view of a hand using mobile news app Flipboard in a cafe
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Tracking the news where you live or in nations far away is a good way to hold your government accountable and to be an engaged global citizen. Reputable and varied news sources help you form your own opinions.

“Apps like Pocket, Circa, Feedly and Flipboard are a great representation of one of the most important trends in news gathering and new consumption — mobile,” said Laurie Segall, technology correspondent for CNNMoney. “The best apps take advantage of the fact that we read news posted by our friends on social networks on Facebook or Twitter.” These apps — all free and all available for iOS and Android — make your phone the gateway to the news you need.


Finding the news you need and finding the time to read it don’t always go together. “Pocket combines everything — social, mobile, and the desire to save for later,” said Segall. “There are a couple companies trying to do this, but Pocket has proven one of the more significant ones.” Pocket lets you store anything you want to read for later, whether you’re online, offline or on multiple devices.

Circa took the idea of mobile news to a new level,” said Segall. “Its editors boil down a story and create easy-to-read chunks with the idea that people want to follow news stories from their phones.”

Feedly Logo

“When Google Reader disappeared, Feedly emerged as the popular alternative,” said Segall. On the increasingly crowded Internet, Feedly helps readers organize and specify the content they want to read. It’s basically a way to see all of your news in one location from the places you care about.


Flipboard re-imagined what a magazine could look like based on your interests, the content you consume, and the fact that you consume it on your phone,” Segall said. Users choose the subject areas they’re interested in, and Flipboard delivers them formatted to the devices.