A benefit of a free, open Internet: Better health care

تقوم "سيدات المعلومات" باستخدام أجهزة الكمبيوتر المحمولة لتوعية النساء حول المسائل الصحية في المناطق الريفية في بنغلادش (AP Images)

We enjoy the benefits of a free and open Internet each time we pay a bill online, download music or take an online course. Now innovators are using this valuable common resource to transform health care.

A doctor uses his smart phone to watch surgeries in real time. (AP Images)
A doctor uses his smartphone to watch surgeries in real time. (AP Images)

In rural China, doctors have improved care for over 300,000 people using a new app to compile health records. Mobile birth notification systems help Bangladeshi mothers access neonatal care, a crucial need in a country where 90 percent of births take place outside of the hospital. Check out this list for other revolutionary health care solutions.

Innovations like these help make the world a healthier place, but they only can happen with a free and open Internet. Learn more about why you should care about keeping the Internet open.