Visiting the United States? There are 50 states to see. Michigan, the only U.S. state consisting of two peninsulas, offers plenty of adventure, by land and by water! 

Michigan is made up of two land masses and is surrounded by great lakes. The Mackinac Bridge, one of the world’s longest suspension bridges, which stretches 5 miles (8 kilometers), connects the two peninsulas. The state itself is a cultural hub with roots in music and art.

Are you ready to take in the sights and sounds of Michigan? From beach sports to buried treasure to hit music and more, Michigan has something for everyone.

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(State Dept./ J. McCann)
(State Dept./J. McCann)

Take a lake tour

Most lake tours are taken by boats gliding along the lake’s surface, but why not under it? Glass-bottom boats cruise through the lakes surrounding Michigan so you can see sunken ships.

In 1907 the Monohansett burned and sank off the coast of Thunder Bay Island. (Facebook/Alpena Shipwreck Tours)

A piece of work

During the annual ArtPrize festival, artists from around the world display over 1,500 pieces throughout the city of Grand Rapids. This priceless experience won’t cost you a penny! Visitors are encouraged to peruse the art and vote on their favorite. Sometimes you can even get an inside look at an installation.


Hit the dunes!

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes overlook Lake Michigan and Silver Lake. This site is popular among Michigan residents and tourists alike. Although it’s an unexpected beach destination, it offers fun year-round with winter activities as well as summer sports like sandboarding.

Emulate the locals

When asked “where are you from?” people from Michigan use their hands to make a map.

Made in Michigan

The Motown Sound is a distinctive type of popular music that originated in Michigan. The name comes from Detroit, known as the Motor City. See where the Motown stars got their start at Studio A in Detroit. You’ll find original recording equipment and instruments used by the Supremes, the Jackson 5 and Smokey Robinson.

Visitors tour Studio A at the Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan. (© AP Images)

The Motown genre is a blend of rhythm and blues (R&B) and soul music, mixed with pop beats. Listen to a few of Motown’s greatest hits. Which one is your favorite?

Try it here!

Pannukakku, a favorite local dish, is a Finnish French-toast/pancake hybrid served for breakfast, and it’s often garnished with berries and whipped cream. Wash it down with some Faygo Rock N’ Rye, a cherry-vanilla flavored soda (or “pop,” as the locals say).

(Creative Commons/Elaine Ashton)