Mosques in urban and rural America

What do a desert in New Mexico, a cornfield in Ohio and a street in New York City have in common? They are home to mosques. Take a look at some of America’s more than 2,000 mosques, where the country’s Muslims worship.

Islamic Center of America (Dearborn, Michigan)

Mosque at twilight (© Getty/Photo by Bill Pugliano)
The Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, is America’s largest mosque. Built in 2005, the mosque is adorned with 10-story-high minarets. The main prayer area can hold 1,000 people. (© Getty/Photo by Bill Pugliano)

Dar al Islam Mosque (Abiquiu, New Mexico)

Adobe-style mosque (© Corbis/Morton Beebe)
With its Southwestern adobe-style design, the Dar al Islam mosque in Abiquiu, New Mexico, blends into its desert environment. The mosque is part of a complex owned by Dar al Islam, a nonprofit group that helps non-Muslims better understand Islam and works to deepen the practice of Islam among Muslims. (© Corbis/Morton Beebe)

Islamic Center of Greater Toledo (Perrysburg, Ohio)

White mosque nestled in cornfield (© Corbis/Peter Yates)
The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo rises from a cornfield near a major highway in Perrysburg, Ohio. The mosque, where people of 23 nationalities worship, serves as a hub of cultural and educational activities for Toledo-area Muslims. (© Corbis/Peter Yates)

Diyanet Center of America (Lanham, Maryland)

White mosque with blue roof in front of wooded area (Courtesy of Diyanet Center of America)
The Diyanet Center of America, in Lanham, Maryland, is also known as the Turkish American Community Center. The center’s mosque is part of a 6-hectare complex that includes a traditional Turkish bathhouse and other facilities. The center hopes its mosque and its campus are “a source of pride for the American Muslim community.” (Courtesy photo)

Islamic Cultural Center of New York (New York City, New York)

People walking into a mosque (© Stan Honda/AFP/Getty)
The Islamic Cultural Center of New York was the first building erected as a mosque in New York City. Built in 1991, the mosque provides a range of services to the local Muslim community, and its members participate regularly in interfaith activities. (© Stan Honda/AFP/Getty)

United Islamic Center (Paterson, New Jersey)

Man kneeling in mosque (© AP Images)
A man prays at the United Islamic Center in Paterson, New Jersey. Located in the New York City metropolitan area, the predominantly Turkish mosque features traditional Ottoman architectural details and has been serving the community for four decades. (© AP Images)