2015 National Security Strategy: A blueprint for global cooperation

“American leadership is a global force for good.” — 2015 National Security Strategy. (© AP Images)

With the release of the 2015 National Security Strategy (NSS) on February 6, the Obama administration declared to Congress and to the world its plans to work with the global community toward peace and prosperity.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the NSS leverages American leadership in today’s complex world.

“Whether the opportunities and threats are old or new, from proliferation to violent extremism to global climate change, this strategy reflects the fact that America needs to lead, we will lead, and we are leading,” Kerry said.

The NSS includes these priorities and goals:

  • Security: Protect the security of American citizens, allies and partners by maintaining a strong national defense and working with local partners to address threats like terrorism and Ebola.
  • Prosperity: Advance a strong and growing American economy in an open global economic system that promotes opportunity through trade, energy security and poverty reduction.
  • Values: Promote universal values of democracy and human rights, empower future leaders, confront corruption, and support transparency and accountability.
  • International order: Strengthen an international order that fosters peace, security and prosperity with stronger cooperation and building global alliances.

Learn more about how America plans to achieve these goals in a fact sheet on the 2015 National Security Strategy.