Who needs gasoline? Hydrogen fuel-cell buses are the way to go in this California town. [video]

Hydrogen fuel-cell buses transport thousands of people annually in California. (Courtesy AC Transit)

Buses contribute to urban smog, but thanks to new technology they also might be the perfect vehicles to reduce air pollution.

Based in Oakland, California, AC Transit has added 12 hydrogen fuel-cell buses to its fleet and recently built two hydrogen fueling stations to accommodate them.

Just listen to what people are saying about the buses:

Fuel cells use electrochemical reactions to produce electricity. The cells in these buses  combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce energy with zero emissions.

AC Transit executive Dennis Butler said his company works with Oakland officials to provide the environment-friendly transportation. “We consider stewardship of the planet to be an important part of what we do,” he said. “The people we serve are interested in environmental sustainability.”

In addition to Oakland, 11 other jurisdictions in America use hydrogen fuel-cell buses. In July 2015, authorities in Hawaii announced plans for hydrogen fuel-cell buses to shuttle passengers around Honolulu International Airport. Anticipating greater acceptance of this green technology, the U.S. Department of Energy is researching ways to better produce, store and deliver hydrogen to lower its cost and increase its availability.