Notre Dame bells ‘will sound again’

Since news of the damage to Notre Dame Cathedral in an April 15 fire, Americans have conveyed their sympathy for the people of France with expressions of solidarity on social media and in places such as the Embassy of France in Washington (above).

Americans are supporting the cathedral’s restoration through crowdfunding campaigns and by donating to U.S. organizations such as the Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris and the French Heritage Society.

Thomas Stedman, from Canal Winchester, Ohio, described to the Washington Post a visit to Notre Dame last summer with his children. “They were amazed that something like Notre Dame could be built so long ago with just stone and ingenuity. I know that the world will do whatever it takes to restore because Notre Dame is a part of all of us.”

In an April 16 statement, President Trump said, “Those bells will sound again. We stand with France today and offer our assistance in the rehabilitation of this irreplaceable symbol of Western civilization. Vive la France!”