Juan Guaidó smiling (© Federico Parra/AFP/Getty Images)
Venezuela's interim President Juan Guaidó arrives at the National Assembly building in Caracas on April 9. (© Federico Parra/AFP/Getty Images)

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States voted to approve a resolution to appoint Gustavo Tarre as Venezuela’s legitimate designated permanent representative, pending the holding of new, free and fair elections and the appointment of a democratically elected government.

Tarre will serve as the envoy to the OAS Permanent Council of Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s interim president.

Colombia introduced the resolution proposing Tarre’s appointment, with support from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and the United States.

The OAS vote on April 9 increases the international isolation of Nicolás Maduro, whose cronies have continued to repress human rights and a peaceful democratic transition. The ongoing corruption and mismanagement of the Maduro regime have led to severe food and water shortages in the country and to the displacement of 3.4 million Venezuelans across the region.

More than 50 countries have recognized Guaidó as the country’s head of state, including the United States, which has pre-positioned critical assistance for the Venezuelan people in Brazil, Colombia and Curaçao.