May 3: Learn about press freedom and its role in society [webchat]

On May 3, World Press Freedom Day, a panel of journalists and media experts will take part in a webchat to discuss the importance of media freedom to a democratic society. The panelists will also discuss best practices for keeping journalists safe, increasing trust in reporting and using social media to combat threats to press freedom. The speakers will be joined by audiences at U.S. embassies in Abuja, Nigeria, and Tirana, Albania.

These viewing groups, as well as online viewers, will be able to ask their press-freedom questions. The program will start at 9 a.m. EDT (13:00 UTC) on May 3 and will be in English with simultaneous French translation. The English version of the webchat will take place on this ShareAmerica page, and you can also join the conversation on Twitter by using #WPFD2017.

Why Participate:

Hear about the role of a free press in a democratic society.
Learn about best practices and resources for journalist safety and also about media ethics.
Share your perspectives on increasing trust in the media and on addressing misinformation in your community.