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These ShareAmerica materials explore the challenges journalists face and explain how to assure we enjoy the benefits of a vibrant news media.

“We have to uphold a free press and freedom of speech, because, in the end, lies and misinformation are no match for the truth.” — President Barack Obama

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Everything you wanted to know about trolls but were afraid to...

In the information age, the Internet can be a battlefield. Former Internet trolls reveal the inner workings of Russia's Internet Research Agency.

Media freedom is important. Here’s what you can do.

Journalists are threatened worldwide more than ever before, yet a free press is key to a healthy, equitable society.

Satire: The best way to expose corruption or injustice?

Face painted over pothole in street (Twitter)
If you can find a way to entertain people as well as inform them about a serious issue, you may have a powerful tool for change at your disposal.

When journalists are targeted, so is your right to know

Even before journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff were killed in 2014 by Da’esh, also known as ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and...

For the press, elections are a test of accountability

People gathered around newspaper pages on ground (© Eduardo Soteras/AFP/Getty Images)
A journalist's role in covering elections is to give you unbiased information; doing anything else is failing in their role as a watchdog.

More than 1,000 journalists have been killed since the 1990s

Radio host Alberto Chakussanga was shot at home in Angola, dying the day his youngest child was born in 2010. Newscaster Abdiaziz Aden was...

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