Health care workers and military and other organizations from both inside and outside West African countries have worked hard to slow the Ebola virus outbreak. They provided medical supplies to the sick and their caretakers and  trained everyone in the best hygiene routines to prevent the virus’ spread.

Children have been isolated during the recent months. Many have been sick. Some have died.  But even healthy children have suffered because Ebola has delayed their education.

In Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, schools closed. For many students, the only lessons were about the Ebola virus.
But communities slowed the virus by avoiding contact with sick people and using good hygiene. It’s back to school time!
Schools reopen In Liberia, with chlorine water for hand washing and thermometers to monitor body temperature. (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Today, as teachers demonstrate hand-washing rituals, some U.S. troops are staying to support communities in new ways. And more health care workers and trainers are on the way.