Esta série Conversações Diárias é sobre uma família em viagem pelos 50 estados dos EUA. Junte-se a eles à medida que vão conhecendo as atividades de lazer e a história de cada lugar. Essas conversas são para alunos de inglês de nível intermediário ou superior.

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Neste diálogo, a família conversa sobre o que vai fazer na cidade de Nova York.

Claudine: I can’t believe we’re in New York City! What are we going to do first?

Gina: There’s so much to do in New York City, and we don’t have that much time. It’s too bad we won’t have time to see the rest of the state. The state of New York is quite large.

Paul: Let’s make the most of our stay here. And next time we can see the rest of the state. There’s plenty to do in the five boroughs.

Sam: Okay, so where should we go first? I know we’re going to a Broadway show tonight, but what should we do before then?

Gina: I’d like to go to some of the museums. We’ll go to the Met tomorrow. It’s so extensive that we’ll probably spend the whole day there.

Paul: Let’s take a ferry to Liberty Island and see the Statue of Liberty. We’ll also get a great view of the Manhattan skyline from the island.

Agora vamos rever o vocabulário.

The phrase can’t believe [não acredito] is used for emphasis to express surprise, shock or excitement at something that is true.

To make the most of [aproveitar ao máximo] something means to enjoy or use something as much as possible to get the best result or experience.

New York City has five boroughs [distritos].The boroughs are different areas in the city. Together, they make up the entirety of New York City. The five boroughs are Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Broadway refers to performances at 40 different theaters in the Theater District and Lincoln Center located on a street — named Broadway — in New York City. A Broadway show [show da Broadway] is a theatrical performance at one of these theaters.

The Met is short for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is the largest art museum in the United States.

Extensive [amplo, abrangente] means covering a large area, or large in size or amount.

A ferry (or ferryboat) [balsa] is a boat that transports people, vehicles and things for a short distance between two places.

Liberty Island [Ilha da Liberdade] is an island near Manhattan. It is home to the Statue of Liberty [Estátua da Liberdade]. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from France. It is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.

Manhattan (or Manhattan Island) is one of the five boroughs of New York City.

A skyline [linha do horizonte; silhueta da cidade no horizonte] is the outline of tall buildings, mountains or other things, seen against the sky.

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