Conversações diárias: o maior museu infantil do mundo

Esta série Conversações Diárias é sobre uma família em viagem pelos 50 estados dos EUA. Junte-se a eles à medida que vão conhecendo as atividades de lazer e a história de cada lugar. Essas conversas são para alunos de inglês de nível intermediário ou superior.

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Neste diálogo, a família está em Indiana, visitando o Museu das Crianças de Indianápolis. E há um guia falando sobre o museu.

Guide: This is the largest children’s museum in the world. Over 1 million people visit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis each year.

Claudine: Sam and I obviously aren’t young children, so is there anything here that we’d enjoy?

Guide: Absolutely. We have a planetarium and a carousel that people of all ages enjoy.

Gina: Are there any exhibits that are particularly interesting?

Guide: We have a permanent exhibit featuring three famous children and the impact they had on the world. People seem to enjoy that exhibit quite a bit.

Paul: Do other exhibits rotate?

Guide: Yes. We have many rotating exhibits, and we are constantly thinking up ideas for innovative exhibits in the future. Let’s get started on the tour, and I can answer your questions along the way.

Agora vamos rever o vocabulário.

A guide [guia] is a person who shows and explains interesting things about a specific place to visitors.

A planetarium [planetário] is a building or room with a high, curved ceiling on which images of stars, planets, etc., are shown.

A carousel (also called a merry-go-round) [carrossel] has a round platform with brightly colored figures of animals, such as horses. People sit on the animals, which go up and down as the platform turns in a circle at the same time.

An exhibit (or exhibition) [exposição; exibição] is a collection of things, such as works of art, that are put in a space for people to look at.

Permanent [permanente] means lasting for a very long time or forever. A permanent exhibit at a museum is an exhibit that stays at the museum forever.

Impact [impacto] is the powerful effect or influence that something has on someone or something.

In this context, the verb to rotate [alternar] means to be changed at regular periods of time. A rotating exhibit in a museum is an exhibit that does not stay in the museum forever. After some time, the exhibit is replaced by another one.

Innovative [inovador] means having new and different ideas about how something can be done.

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