Conversações diárias: vamos para Graceland

Esta série Conversações Diárias é sobre uma família em viagem pelos 50 estados dos EUA. Junte-se a eles à medida que vão conhecendo as atividades de lazer e a história de cada lugar. Essas conversas são para alunos de inglês de nível intermediário ou superior.

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Neste diálogo, a família visita Graceland, antiga residência do músico Elvis Presley em Memphis, no Tennessee.

Sam: Let me get this straight: Elvis bought Graceland when he was only 22 years old?

Claudine: That’s right. He was already quite famous by that time. He bought this house and the grounds in 1957.

Gina: He was already starting to become an American legend.

Sam: I hope I can have a legion of fans by the time I’m 22.

Paul: I think you should graduate from high school first. Now, should we take a tour of the house first? Or do you want to see the meditation garden?

Gina: Let’s take the tour first. I’ve read that they have state-of-the-art iPad tours.

Claudine: And then we can walk through the meditation garden and see the gravesite of Elvis.

Agora vamos rever o vocabulário.

Elvis Presley was an American musician and actor. He is often referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll.” (“Rock and roll” can also be written as “rock ’n’ roll.”) Presley was born in 1935 and died in 1977.

The phrase let me get this straight [deixe-me ver se entendi] means to correctly understand something or clarify something.

The land or gardens around a large building are called the grounds [terreno]. When used in this way, grounds is always plural.

A legend [lenda] is a very famous person who is admired by many people and is often known for doing something very well.

A legion [legião] is a very large number of people.

A meditation garden [jardim de meditação] is a garden area designed for relaxation. Meditation gardens can have plants, flowers, walkways, fountains, areas to sit, etc. A meditation garden is a peaceful place that people can visit to think and relax.

State-of-the-art [de última geração; de ponta] is an adjective used to describe something that has the most modern technology or methods at the present time.

A gravesite [túmulo; sepultura] is the place where a dead person is buried. To bury someone means that a person who is no longer alive is placed in a grave (a hole in the ground that is covered with dirt after the body is placed in it).

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