Rio Top Shots

Obrigado, Rio!

September 18 (above) — A dancer performs in the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games at the Maracanã Stadium. The Rio Games became the second most well-attended games ever, with almost 2 million tickets sold. (© AP Images)

Photo Finish

Three runners competing in stadium (© AP Images)

September 15 — Australia’s Scott Reardon (right), Britain’s Richard Whitehead (center) and Denmark’s Daniel Wagner cross the finish line in the 100-meter sprint within six-hundredths of a second of each other. Reardon won the gold medal. (© AP Images)

Aiming for perfect

Archer shooting arrow using his legs (© AP Images)

September 14 — American Matt Stutzman, who calls himself the “armless archer,” launches an arrow in the compound bow event of the Paralympics. Eliminated in the Round of 16, Stutzman holds a world record for the most accurate distance shot in archery, which includes able-bodied archers. (© AP Images)

Top flight

Man throwing javelin (© AP Images)

September 13 — Rinku Hooda competes in the javelin throw finals at the Paralympics. Hooda, 17, is India’s youngest Paralympic athlete. (© AP Images)

En garde!

Fencer in wheelchair twisting to avoid saber (© AP Images)
(© AP Images)

September 12 — Ludovic Lemoine of France competes in men’s saber wheelchair fencing at the Paralympics. Although he fell in the quarterfinals, Lemoine will also compete in the team foil event. (© AP Images)

Across the line!

Woman in wheelchair race raising arm (© AP Images)
(© AP Images)

September 11 — American Tatyana McFadden celebrates after winning gold in her class of the women’s 400-meter race. McFadden is competing in seven track events at the Rio Paralympics, from the 100-meter sprint to the marathon. (© AP Images)

Keep your eye on the ball

Overturned wheelchair and man on floor holding ball as another player looks on (© AP Images)September 8 — Nate Hinze of the United States (left) dives for the ball as Brazil’s Leandro de Miranda looks on during a preliminary wheelchair basketball game. The U.S. would go on to win, 75-38. (© AP Images)

Tech and a twirl open Rio Paralympics

Robot arm lifting amputee Amy Purdy in stadium (© AP Images)

September 7 At the opening ceremony of the 2016 Paralympic Games, the crowd went wild when American snowboarder Amy Purdy performed a flashy samba routine … with a robot. (© AP Images)

Tchau, Rio!

Costumed performers in front of arch filled with light (© AP Images)

Sunday, August 21  Artists perform during the closing ceremony in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium at the 2016 Summer Olympics. (© AP Images)

One last look

Crowd surrounding and looking down at stage (© AP Images)Sunday, August 21  Spectators take in the closing ceremony at Rio’s Maracanã Stadium at the 2016 Summer Olympics. (© AP Images)

Shining moments

People in costumes holding up arms and looking at sky (© AP Images)Sunday, August 21  Athletes from France and dancers watch the fireworks during the closing ceremony in Maracanã Stadium at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. (© AP Images)

Going airborne

Four bicyclists in midair above grassy track near stadium (© AP Images)Thursday, August 18 — BMX cyclists take to the skies during the cycling quarterfinals. From right, Jefferson Milano of Venezuela, Luis Brethauer of Germany, Kyle Dodd of South Africa and David Graf of Switzerland. (© AP Images)

Sunlit flip

Silhouette of person diving off platform (© AP Images)Wednesday, August 17 — Mexico’s Paola Espinosa dives off the 10-meter platform in the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center at the 2016 Summer Olympics. The final takes place on August 18. (© AP Images)

How far?

Underwater view of man swimming (© AP Images)Tuesday, August 16 — Jordan Wilimovsky of the United States competes in the men’s 10-kilometer marathon swim. He finished fifth. (© AP Images)

Full sail

A sailboat in the water (© AP Images)Monday, August 15 —  With teammate Paris Henken, sailor Helena Scutt of the United States cruises to the starting line in Rio’s Guanabara Bay. The event’s medal race takes place Thursday, August 18. (© AP Images)

Making strides

A man walks in a race (© AP Images) Friday, August 12 — Artur Brzozowski of Poland walks through the mist during the men’s 20-kilometer race walk final at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Wang Zhen of China won the race. (© AP Images)

Simone Biles: One of a kind

American gymnast Simone Biles performing (© AP Images)Thursday, August 11 — Simone Biles, seen here performing on the balance beam, won gold for the women’s gymnastics individual all-around final. The world’s top gymnast for the past three years has this to say about her legacy: “I’m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I’m the first Simone Biles.” (© AP Images)

Worth the weight!

Weights and weight lifter (© AP Images)Wednesday, August 10 — Leidy Yessenia Solís Arboleda of Colombia celebrates after a lift in the women’s 69-kilogram weightlifting competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Solís placed fourth with a lift of 253 kilograms. (© AP Images)


Bike rider moving fast (© AP Images)

Tuesday, August 9 — A member of the Italian men’s track cycling team rounds the track during a training session inside the Rio Olympic Velodrome. (© AP Images)

Fencing in the spotlight

Two people fencing (© AP Images)Monday, August 8 — Anna Márton of Hungary (right) fences against Manon Brunet of France during the women’s saber individual fencing competition. Brunet defeated Márton, 15-12. (© AP Images)

To the hoop!

Men playing basketball (© AP Images)Monday, August 8  — The United States’ Kyrie Irving (10) drives to the basket against Venezuela’s Gregory Echenique during a men’s basketball game. The U.S. is favored to win gold. (© AP Images)

Reaching for gold

Three women swimming viewed from underwater (© AP Images)Sunday, August 7 — Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström, center, sets a new world record and wins gold in the women’s 100-meter butterfly at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Rikako Ikee of Japan (right) and Emma McKeon of Australia (left) swim in the adjacent lanes. (© AP Images)

Welcome to Rio 2016!

Stadium at night with many bright lights and fireworks (© AP Images)

Saturday, August 6 — Fireworks burst over Maracanã Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 5. (© AP Images)

Dive into the Olympics!

Man performing dive in front of Rio 2016 sign (© AP Images)

Friday, August 5 — Brazil’s Jackson Oliveira takes part in a training session at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. (© AP Images)

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