Ежедневные диалоги: Женщины-лидеры [аудио]

Две студентки разговаривают (Thinkstock)
Две студентки обсуждают женщин-лидеров (Thinkstock)

Шесть студентов и студенток из разных стран мира – что у них общего? Все они приехали в американский университет по обмену на один семестр. Они будут изучать английский язык, культуру США, будут специализироваться в своей области. Эта серия Ежедневных диалогов посвящена жизни студентов в течение семестра в американском вузе. Диалоги рассчитаны на владеющих английским языком на среднем или более высоком уровне.

Трое студентов (Люсия, Аджай и Яна) обсуждают важность лидерства, в том числе роль женщин-лидеров в мире.

Lucía: Studying for this political science exam is driving me crazy!

Jana: Relax. Ajay and I were planning to take a study break, so we can help you study.

Ajay: Yeah, of course. What do you need to know for the exam?

Lucía: Well, at the moment, I’m learning that women leaders of countries are rare.

Ajay: I mean, I knew there were fewer female leaders than men, but how rare?

Lucía: Of all the elected heads of state in the world, less than 10 percent are women.

Jana: Less than 10 percent? That’s a terribly low percentage.

Ajay: I don’t understand why more women aren’t elected. Women have excellent leadership qualities.

Jana: Yeah, we do! For example, I can definitely multitask. And when I’m working on an engineering project, I have to collaborate. Those are both qualities that leaders should have.

Lucía: Absolutely. And you’ve seen me on the soccer field, so you know I’m strategic and decisive.

Jana: Also excellent qualities for leaders. And women also have grit. So many women have fought for what they believe in, even in the face of opposition.

Ajay: You didn’t have to convince me. I think both of you would make fantastic leaders. Wait, aren’t both of you leaders of clubs on campus?

Слова и выражения.

In this context, the phrase “driving me crazy” means “making me annoyed and frustrated.” (Выводит меня из себя.)

A study break is a short period of time when a student stops studying and does another activity. (Перерыв в занятиях.)

A head of state is a person who is selected to be the head of the government of a country. An elected head of state is a person who is selected by voting to be the head of the government of his or her country. (Глава государства; избранный глава государства.)

To elect means to select someone by voting. (Выбирать.)

Leadership qualities are the characteristics that leaders often have or that people think leaders should have. (Качества лидера.)

To multitask means to be able to do several different things at the same time. (Решать сразу несколько задач.)

To collaborate is to work with one or more other people in order to achieve a common goal, create something, or do something. (Сотрудничать.)

Strategic means related to a plan of achieving a purpose or goal. (Стратегический.)

To be decisive means to make decisions quickly and with confidence. (Решительность.)

Grit is a characteristic that means having mental courage and determination. (Твердость характера.)

The phrase in the face of opposition means the time you meet or deal with the people or group you are competing against, as in business or a game. (Несмотря на противодействие.)

In this context, the word wait is short for wait a minute/second/moment. This means that the person speaking has just remembered or thought of something. (Погоди.)

In colleges and universities in the U.S., there are often clubs. A club is a group of people who meet to participate in activities or events, such as a sport, hobby or other shared interest. (Клубы.)

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