Ежедневные диалоги: Написание эссе для поступления в американский вуз [аудио]

Студент изучает материалы перед тем, как написать вступительное эссе. (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Шесть студентов и студенток из разных стран мира – что у них общего? Все они приехали в американский университет по обмену на один семестр. Они будут изучать английский язык, культуру США, будут специализироваться в своей области.

Эта серия Ежедневных диалогов посвящена жизни студентов в течение семестра в американском вузе. Диалоги рассчитаны на владеющих английским языком на среднем или более высоком уровне.

Один студент (Акини) спрашивает другого (Аджаи), как следует писать эссе при поступлении в вуз.

Akinyi: Hi, Ajay. Thanks for meeting me to talk about your college essay writing experience. Jana and Lucía told me you wrote a fantastic college essay.

Ajay: Well, it wasn’t that great. Is this for your cousin who’s applying to college in the U.S?

Akinyi: Yes, it is. Is there any advice you can give my cousin about writing her college essay?

Ajay: Sure. The first thing is to start early. She should plan on revising the essay many times. And that takes time. Her essay won’t be a masterpiece the first time. And if she pressures herself to write perfectly the first time, she might end up with bad writer’s block.

Akinyi: I think that may have happened to me when I tried to write my essay.

Ajay: It’s not uncommon, especially if you put pressure on yourself. Another great tip is to be concise. Her essay shouldn’t ramble on. She should avoid purple prose.

Akinyi: Only a writer would use the phrase “purple prose.” I haven’t heard that in a while.

Ajay: Well, journalists like being succinct!

Akinyi: It’s a great skill to have as a writer. We have to write succinct memos in my business classes. It can be really hard. So, any other advice for my cousin?

Ajay: I think it’s really important for her to be genuine and write about herself and show her personality in her essay.

Akinyi: That’s good advice. Thank you! I’m going to call her now and tell her all of your advice.

Слова и выражения.

To revise means to make changes, especially to correct and improve something. [Перечитывать.]

masterpiece is something created with great skill and of excellent quality. [Шедевр.]

To end up with means to get as a result. [Получить в итоге.]

Writer’s block is the problem of not being able to think of something to write about or not being able to continue writing an essay, story or other document. [Застопоренность, заминка.]

When you put pressure on yourself, you demand excellence from yourself or you expect to be able to do something well or quickly. As a result of the pressure, you can feel stressed and worried. [Перенапрягаться.]

Concise means to give information but use few words. It means to not include extra or unnecessary information. [Краткость.]

To ramble on means to talk or write for a long time without any clear purpose or direction. [Ненужные подробности.]

Purple prose: writing that is elaborate (having much detail) or ornate (using fancy words). [Высокопарный, витиеватый стиль.]

When something is succinct, it is briefly and clearly expressed. A person uses few words to express his or her idea. [Лаконичность.]

To be genuine means to be sincere and honest. [Искренность.]

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