Ежедневные диалоги: Экскурсия в дождевой лес [аудио]

(State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Шесть студентов и студенток из разных стран мира – что у них общего? Все они приехали в американский университет по обмену на один семестр. Они будут изучать английский язык, культуру США, будут специализироваться в своей области. Эта серия Ежедневных диалогов посвящена жизни студентов в течение семестра в американском вузе. Диалоги рассчитаны на владеющих английским языком на среднем или более высоком уровне.

Двое студентов (Питер и Ли) обсуждают предстоящую экскурсию в дождевой лес.

Lee: I’m so jealous that you’ll be spending part of your winter break in the rain forest. As an environmental science major, I’d love to go to the rain forest to study it.

Peter: I’m really excited to go. I’ll be volunteering at a school for two weeks. I’ll be helping one of the classroom teachers there.

Lee: Are you nervous?

Peter: Not about working in the school. I’m just worried about malaria.

Lee: Right. Mosquitoes in that area carry malaria. But can’t you get vaccinated or something?

Peter: There’s no vaccination for malaria, but I can take a drug. I will have to take a pill every day while I’m there.

Lee: Definitely don’t forget to take it. Malaria can kill you.

Peter: I know. Fortunately, governments and NGOs are increasing awareness about the disease and giving people mosquito nets to help with disease prevention.

Lee: That’s good. So you’ll be sleeping under a mosquito net too?

Peter: I think so!

Слова и выражения.

winter break is a period of vacation between semesters of college or other schools that includes the winter holidays, such as New Year’s Day. [Зимние каникулы.]

rain forest is a forest in a tropical area (an area that is very warm and near the equator of the earth) that gets a lot of rain. [Дождевой или тропический лес.]

To volunteer means to offer to do something without being paid to do it or without being asked. [Заниматься волонтерской деятельностью.]

Malaria is an infectious disease (a disease that can be spread) that causes fever and chills and is passed to people by mosquitoes. [Малярия; инфекционная болезнь.]

To be vaccinated means to be given a substance (usually by injection with a needle) to protect against a particular disease. [Вакцинация, прививка.]

Awareness: knowing that something exists and is important. [Осведомленность.]

mosquito net is a net (an object made with pieces of string, rope, etc., and woven together) that is hung over a bed, etc., to keep out mosquitoes. [Противокомариная сетка.]

Prevention: the act of stopping something bad from happening. [Предотвращение, профилактика.]

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