Гражданское общество

Все меньше бабочек отправляется в удивительный перелет

Flocks of monarch butterflies migrate across North America in one of nature’s most epic journeys. Today, the monarch is under threat. Can it be saved?

Генеральный прокурор Лоретта Линч огласила обвинения против руководителей ФИФА

U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch delivers remarks at a press conference announcing charges against nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives.

Защитить честную игру от коррупции

U.S. Department of Justice red-cards FIFA officials and corporate execs. with indictments alleging illegal activities that harmed football around the world.

Американский дом открывает двери для украинцев и приглашает на фотовыставку

The U.S. government has opened a center called “America House” in Kyiv, where a new generation of Ukrainians can gather and discuss issues of the day.

Эволюция глобальной финансовой системы

A century ago, there was little coordination of international finances. That changed substantially after World War II, and the change is continuing today.

Как бейсбол победил в борьбе с допингом

In professional sports, the pressure is high to use performance-enhancing drugs. However, anti-doping efforts have led to a better game and fan experience.

А ты готов противостоять воинствующему экстремизму?

“Too often, we approach youth as the passive recipients of campaigns to counter violent extremism, rather than active participants in shaping their strategy and spearheading their implementation.” — Ambassador Power

Правительства могут помочь женщинам достичь равенства

Government institutions and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are important for women to earn equal rights and opportunities worldwide.

Восемь способов остановить насилие в отношении женщин

Thierry Kajeneza grew up in Burundi, seeing women and girls being mistreated. So he started a group that focuses on stopping gender-based violence.