изменение климата

Освещая мир чистой энергией

More than 30 nations are taking up a clean energy challenge to deliver greener, more affordable and reliable light and power where it's needed.

Страны “Группы семи” сокращают выбросы углерода

Leaders of the world's top industrial nations say the world must go carbon-free if growth and prosperity are to continue.

Рынок облигаций “зеленеет”

Green bonds are an attractive way to finance renewable energy. Issuers of green bonds can pay lower interest rates than borrowers carried by bank loans.

Чистая энергия? Ее приносит ветер.

The United States is adopting more renewable energy sources. Wind could meet 35 percent of the nation’s electricity demand by 2050.

Выпускники, вам предстоит иметь дело с изменением климата!

Climate change is a security threat, and the commander in chief of the U.S. military services tells new officers they're on the front line.

Роль гидроэнергетики в производстве чистой энергии

Generating electric power from flowing water is a non-polluting energy source. Learn five ways water power supports a clean-energy economy.

Преступление против природы: дело об исчезновении льда

Arctic sea ice covered less of the northernmost waters in 2015 than at any time in more than 30 years, U.S. scientists say.

Нейтрализуя углерод, мы очищаем воздух

New technologies suck CO2 from sources before it enters the atmosphere. The U.S. expands this technology to reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

Дышите легко: мониторинг качества воздуха на местном уровне

A new generation of inexpensive, portable devices that allow air quality monitoring to be more targeted is being tested in cities across the U.S.