изменение климата

Ключ к решению проблемы изменения климата ищите в своем городе

In the U.S., change and innovation often occur at the local level; cities and localities have been at the forefront of efforts to address climate change.

Диверсификация энергии помогает укрепить безопасность

A country that diversifies its energy mix insulates itself from energy disruptions and strengthens its energy security.

Арктика без сажи

Black soot produced by carbon-based fuels is falling on the Arctic Ocean, absorbing heat and accelerating melting. Arctic nations want to reduce soot.

Защищайте, уважайте и берегите Арктику — она у нас одна.

The whole world must protect, respect and nurture the Arctic region. “One Arctic” is the guiding theme for U.S. leadership of the Arctic Council.

Почему все новые компании отключаются от энергосети

More firms are investing in solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable-energy equipment to bring down energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Мы принимаем меры по борьбе с изменением климата – и весь...

The U.S. and China, the world’s two largest economies  and biggest greenhouse gas emitters,  surprised the world with their plans to combat climate change.

Что мы празднуем в День Земли и почему он важен

The Earth Day Network coordinates activities that raise awareness of local environmental issues, as well as global climate change, in 192 countries.

Больше тепла, меньше льда, и еще кое-что об Арктике

The news from the Arctic: It's getting warmer faster than most other places on the Earth. Arctic melting leads to ... more Arctic melting.

Реагирование на глобальный вызов изменения климата

What will you be doing in 2025? The United States is going to be producing 26 percent less greenhouse gas than it did in 2005.