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Кремниевая долина ожидает предпринимателей со всего мира [видео]

President Obama announced that next year the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be held in the United States' "birthplace of innovation."
Конференц-зал в офисе Google в Дублине (Ирландия) (© Peter Würmli/Evolution Design)

Может ли Кремниевая долина спасти мир?

Silicon Valley, the global hub of technology entrepreneurship, is looking to escape any stagnation from its age and invent a new future for the world.

Миллионы людей в Украине столкнутся с дефицитом продуктов питания этой зимой...

Russian-backed "separatists" continue to block critical humanitarian assistance from getting into eastern Ukraine, putting millions of lives at risk.

Эта собака выполняет опасную работу и спасает жизни

Land-mine detection is a dangerous job. But thanks to one non-profit, dogs are trained and deployed throughout the world to help with the task.

Ученый-подросток открыл “зеленую” энергию в гитарных струнах [видео]

Working with recycled materials, 15-year-old Sahil Doshi has developed the PolluCell, a battery that generates electricity by sucking CO2 from the air.

Почему таяние арктических ледников должно вызывать беспокойство [видео]

Scientist Piers Sellers says the Arctic is melting fast, and you can already feel it.
Вид дельты реки с высоты птичьего полета (© AP Images)

Уроки Катрины усвоены: Новый Орлеан готовится к изменению климата [видео]

Many people are vulnerable to rising sea levels due to climate change. Are there lessons to be learned from New Orleans' recovery from Hurricane Katrina?

Закону об американцах-инвалидах исполняется 25 лет [видео]

The Americans with Disabilities Act has made it possible for disabled individuals to work, attend school and move about in society more than ever before.