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Как студент-инвалид справляется с повседневными трудностями [видео]

Thanks to accommodations for the disabled that were mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act people with disabilities are able to live normal lives.

Прием на работу сотрудников с ограниченными возможностями – хорошая инвестиция [видео]

People with disabilities are protected by U.S. law and are an invaluable asset in the workplace.

Свобода от страха: истории выхода из тени [видео]

Despite recent legal and social progress, LGBTI people face discrimination, harassment and even violence in many places around the world.

Безопасное и инклюзивное пространство для ЛГБТИ-геймеров [видео]

LGBTI gamers often feel outcast from both the gaming world and the LGBTI community. So they have created their own annual event.

Кто достоин стать студентом? Все. [видео]

Education is a great equalizer: It opens opportunities for girls and boys, for disadvantaged people and especially for people who have disabilities.

Почему права ЛГБТИ — один из приоритетов внешней политики США? Спросите...

Рэнди Берри, кадровый дипломат, недавно был вновь назначен специальным представителем США по вопросам прав ЛГБТИ.

Знакомьтесь: Рэнди Берри, спецпредставитель США по правам человека ЛГБТИ

Veteran diplomat Randy Berry was recently appointed as the first U.S. special envoy for the human rights of LGBTI persons.

Думаете, что вы все знаете об американцах из телесериалов? Не спешите...

Think you know all about the United States by watching TV shows? Not so fast. Americans are a diverse people, very different from television stereotypes.

Ключ к решению проблемы изменения климата ищите в своем городе

In the U.S., change and innovation often occur at the local level; cities and localities have been at the forefront of efforts to address climate change.