К новым берегам: диаспоры объединяют мир

What is the world's most effective social network? The answer may be diaspora communities, which contribute to development, understanding and innovation.

Иммигранты из Азии созидают Америку завтрашнего дня

A new wave of U.S. immigrants from Asia is outnumbering arrivals from Mexico. They bring diversity and optimism to the United States.

Как культурные обычаи народов мира прижились в Америке

Music, language, education — all these corners of the culture have been touched by a 50-year-old law that opened U.S. immigration to more diverse peoples.

Бухарские ароматы над Куинсом

In the U.S., Bukharian Jews interact with and live amongst people of other ethnicities, cultures and faiths.

Знакомьтесь: американские сикхи

American Sikhs find living in the U.S. a rewarding experience with great opportunities.

Выходцы из Эфиопии пускают корни в Вашингтоне и создают свою самую...

Thousands of Ethiopians have settled in Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta and other cities, but the greater Washington area has the most Ethiopian residents.