Видеоигры: вместо примитивных “стрелялок” и инопланетян меняйте мир [видео]

Games for Change, a nonprofit group, has been designing and promoting games designed to inspire gamers to change the world.

Могут ли дома, поглощающие смог, спасти ваш город?

Tech innovations using titanium-dioxide coatings on buildings can reduce smog by transforming harmful pollutants into healthier stuff.

Дорога в будущее из солнечных панелей

Entrepreneurs Scott and Julie Brusaw use crowdfunding to bring a powerful idea to the world.
Изображение горизонта в Мехико с сильно загрязненным воздухом рядом с изображением города под чистым небом (© AP Images)

Мехико решает проблему качества воздуха

Mexico City has had great successes in improving air quality, but keeping the air clean is still a big challenge, with growing population and industry.

Прибыли начинают “зеленеть”

More companies are introducing sustainable practices into their manufacturing processes and products, helping the environment and improving profitability.

Нейтрализуя углерод, мы очищаем воздух

New technologies suck CO2 from sources before it enters the atmosphere. The U.S. expands this technology to reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

Дышите легко: мониторинг качества воздуха на местном уровне

A new generation of inexpensive, portable devices that allow air quality monitoring to be more targeted is being tested in cities across the U.S.