Нельсон Мандела и Ричард Стенгел

Уроки лидерства: чему меня научил Мандела

Richard Stengel of the U.S. Department of State shares his two years' experience with Nelson Mandela with an audience of young Africans.

7 вопросов предпринимателю Клоду Груницки

Claude Grunitzky of True answers questions from budding African entrepreneurs during a webchat organized by the Young African Leaders Initiative Network.

Обама воздает должное усилиям молодых африканцев по достижению прогресса

"Africans are beginning to leapfrog old technologies into new prosperity," President Obama tells a gathering of Mandela Washington Fellows.

Давая надежду матерям

Mother’s Delivery Kits could save the lives of thousands of women in Nigeria each year. Now they're expanding across Africa.