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Why do elections matter?

Does the presidential candidate with the most votes always win?

How many times can a person be president?

How many votes does it take to win a U.S. congressional election?

Does early voting affect election results?

Can anyone run for political office?

Why do political parties still hold national nominating conventions?

USA Elections in Brief

Elections in Brief

Why does the U.S. have only two major political parties?

2016 Electoral College votes state by state

Elections for federal office

What if an American doesn’t belong to the Democratic or Republican party?

State by state: Primaries and caucuses

How do presidential candidates pay for their campaigns?

How important are polls?

When are elections held?

How many states hold a primary or caucus and when are they held?

What about other political offices?

What’s the difference between a primary and a caucus?

How are presidential candidates chosen?

Who conducts U.S. elections?

What is the United States doing to keep elections fair in the future?

Why do U.S. Presidential campaigns cost so much?

How do Americans Vote?