Shane Gring had a degree in architecture and a certificate in green homebuilding. He saw growing demand for energy-efficient homes. And he knew that too few people were trained to design and build them. Like any good entrepeneur, Gring devised a plan to meet the need, and he executed it in a way that helps people.

In 2011, Gring and his colleagues launched Bould, a startup that trains architects, designers and contractors and awards them a certificate upon completing the program. But, as every builder knows, study is great but hands-on experience is essential.

Gring reached out to Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit group that provides affordable housing to low-income residents around the world. In a mutually beneficial arrangement, Habitat affiliates move toward adopting green building standards and Bould participants get a training ground to apply their new skills.

Shane Gring (Courtesy of Shane Gring)

Recently, Gring further expanded Bould by offering its training program through the U.S. Green Building Council, which promotes environmentally friendly homes.

To date, Bould has trained more than 400 professionals and helped build 40 certified-green, affordable homes in 10 states.

Let Bould and other green innovations inspire you during Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 17–23) and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which in 2014 is happening in Marrakech, Morocco (November 19–21). These events celebrate people who create economic benefits for their communities.