Special Representative Hook’s message to Iran on water management [video]

The Iranian regime’s decadeslong mismanagement of water resources has led to devastating effects throughout the country, says U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook.

“Lakes that once inspired Persian poetry, like Lake Urmia, are now dry salt mounds. Lush valleys that once produced bountiful crops have turned to sand,” he said.

Hook noted that millions of Iranians are now unable to feed their families because their land is unable to produce crops. Millions more could be forced to leave their homes in search of clean drinking water, he said.

Iran has arbitrarily detained many environmentalists and others trying to identify and solve the country’s water problems. Some have died under mysterious conditions.

Hook called upon Iran’s government to “think about its people for once.”

“If the regime is willing to move beyond 40 years of failure and invest in its people’s prosperity, great things can happen,” he said.