Startup 101: After you start, what comes next?

Infographic on business startups (GIST)

Launching a successful startup is the dream of the tech-savvy entrepreneur. A great business plan and targeting the right market are essential. But then comes the hard part of running the fledgling enterprise — without running it into the ground.

Budding entrepreneurs will want to catch “How to Run Your Startup,” a live ShareAmerica webchat on January 17 with business consultants Ray Crowell and Melissa Perri. They’ll field questions and elaborate on two strategies, lean methodology and the agile approach, for maximizing limited resources.

Crowell is CEO of Humble impact, a nonprofit affiliate of Humble ventures, a startup accelerator. Perri is the founder of ProdUX Labs, where she coaches clients on product management strategies. Find them on Twitter @raycrowell and @lissijean.

This GIST Guru webchat begins at 8 a.m. EST (13:00 UTC) January 17. Click on the link to submit questions in advance.