Summit seeks to bolster security, prosperity across the Americas

Vice President Pence is leading the U.S. delegation to the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, April 13–14 to promote democracy, fair and reciprocal trade, and secure borders as the underpinnings of prosperity and safety in the Western Hemisphere.

The vice president, who will represent President Trump at the summit, and other leaders will also discuss how to increase support for the well-being of the Venezuelan people and the restoration of their democracy.

As host of the summit, the Peruvian government set the theme of “Democratic Governance Against Corruption.” With the help of business executives and civil society leaders attending the meeting, heads of government will intensify the battle against corruption and transnational crime.

Chart with text and images depicting the economic relationship among the Americas (State Dept.)
(State Dept.)

The United States has been a steady, enduring partner for its neighbors. It is the top trading partner for more than half the 34 Western Hemisphere countries and sells more goods in the Western Hemisphere than to all Asian countries combined.

The United States regards regional partnerships as essential to spurring growth and bolstering security. It works closely with countries to support economic development, increase citizen security and strengthen democratic institutions.

This will be the eighth Summit of the Americas; earlier such meetings have been held every three years since 1994. This summit takes place ahead of two other major international gatherings in the hemisphere, the G7 meeting in Canada in June and the G20 summit in Argentina in November.