Support for Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó

Countries around the world have publicly joined the United States in recognizing Juan Guaidó — the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly — as the interim president of Venezuela.

Venezuelans took to the streets January 23 to protest the corruption and mismanagement of Nicolás Maduro’s regime. His policies have sparked hyperinflation, food shortages and a public health crisis.

What follows is a selection of statements from government leaders around the world who used their official Twitter accounts to announce their support for Guaidó as Venezuela’s rightful head of state.

Mario Abdo Benítez at lectern, with text on Paraguay's support for Juan Guaidó (State Dept.)Carlos Alvarado Quesada speaking, with text on Costa Rica's support for Juan Guaidó (State Dept.)

Chrystia Freeland at microphone, with text on Canada's support for Juan Guaidó (State Dept.)Benjamin Netanyahu at lectern, with text on Israel's support for Juan Guaidó (State Dept.)

Iván Duque Márquez speaking into recorders, with text on Colombia's support for Juan Guaidó (State Dept.)Close-up of Marise Payne, with text on Australia's support for Juan Guaidó (State Dept.)

Jair Bolsonaro standing and wearing sash, with text on Brazil's support for Juan Guaidó (© Eraldo Peres/AP Images)

Hashim Thaçi at microphone, with text on Kosovo's support for Juan Guaidó (© Visar Kryeziu/AP Images)

Mamuka Bakhtadze at microphone, with text on Georgia's support for Juan Guaidó (© Richard Drew/AP Images)

Mercedes Aráoz at microphone, with text on Peru's support for Juan Guaidó (© Markus Schreiber/AP Images)Other nations recognizing Guaidó as interim president include Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bahamas and Albania.